Victor Amporndanai, Office Manager

Victor Amporndanai is the Office Manager at Main Street Property Services, Inc. He is responsible for all operational, administrative and business plans for each of the Main Street team members. He has extensive experience managing different aspects of commercial real estate projects, specifically restaurants including Thai Fine Dining, American Breakfast and Vietnamese Casual Service. His industry knowledge is a key factor which enables him to manage the operational and support needs of the broker, agents, clients and staff optimally.

In addition to his role at Main Street Property Services, Mr. Amporndanai is also the Founder and Managing Partner of two restaurants in San Francisco; Mr. East Kitchen, and Tycoon Kitchen. Some of his most notable achievements include managing Hollywood Café from 2016-2018 and assisting with the acquisition of Velo Rouge Café.

Mr. Amporndanai’s previous experience includes assisting clients at Mason McDuffie with acquiring small businesses, restaurants and cafés in the competitive San Francisco market, so he is a natural in his consequential role in such a fast-paced commercial real estate office with numerous responsibilities.

After moving from San Francisco to the East Bay, Mr. Amporndanai was excited to discover Main Street Property Services, Inc. as a thriving, locally based company that would allow him to utilize his unique set of skills and commercial real estate experience in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Mr. Amporndanai received his California real estate license in 2013, at which time he also joined the California Association of Business Brokers. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and architectural license in Bangkok in 2008. Mr. Amporndanai is an active member of the International Council of Shopping Centers.