Foster Square

  • Located just off Highway 92 on Foster City Boulevard, Foster Square benefits from an Average Daily Traffic count of approximately 123,000 on Highway 92 and 20,000 on Foster City Blvd.  
  • Foster Square is the result of a carefully collaborated public/private partnership that has created Foster City Town Square. This special place is the perfect balance of street retail sophistication and suburban convenience.  
  • Wide sidewalks and outdoor dining mix with the convenience of 321 parking spaces located on site. Foster Square features 29,168 square feet of retail space as part of a master planned, mixed use community of 417 residential units on 14 acres.   
  • Foster Square's convenient location with a trade area population of approximately 102,696 residents with an average household income of over $130,000.00 and a daytime population of approximately 31,943 within five minutes of Foster Square.