Diane Shoemaker, Associate

Diane Shoemaker is an Associate for Main Street Property Services, Inc. Mrs. Shoemaker is an innovative, results-driven real estate professional demonstrating calculated design and deployment of business development strategies, market analysis, communications, marketing & sales campaigns.

Uniquely and insider’s insider, Mrs. Shoemaker is a Bay Area native; witnessed the development of the Silicon Valley and its rise as a “High-Tech Hub”. Consequently, she has developed a client list of prominent Bay Area land & property owners and through her representation, orchestrated successful transaction closures. Professional relationships include Lincoln Property Company, Shorenstein Company, Swift Real Estate Partners, 417 Agency, AEG Entertainment and Rolling Stone Magazine.

As a builder of strong brand awareness, stakeholder buy-in, community support and client comfort, Mrs. Shoemaker believes that facts matter and must be supported by savvy data analysis and delivered with professional, solid communication.

Areas of expertise: Business Development, Prospecting, New Market Entry, Vetting and Prioritizing Market Research, Demographic Deep Dives, Transformation of Data/Intelligence to Action Steps, Business Writing, Advertising and Media Production & Engagement.

Mrs. Shoemaker received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley.