1320-1364 Park Street Alameda

According to Money Magazine Retailers, the City of Alameda is compared favorable to the “best places to live” in America. The sense of community, excellent schools, and urban character attracts young families to create a home in Alameda.

1320-1364 Park Street is located at the south east corner of Park Street and Central Avenue. Park Street is the heart of Alameda’s downtown that carries a historic charm. The property consists of historic buildings that feature high ceilings, wood storefronts and transom windows that allow for an abundance of natural light.

Specialty retailers and restaurants thrive on Park Street due to Alameda’s residential population of approximately 76,943 with an average household income of over $105,000.00. A daytime population of 27,000 professionals, artists, and tech workers keep Park Street lively.

Prime retail and restaurants space is available from 650 sq. ft. to approximately 8,000 sq. ft.